Ingredients & Additives - Colorings

Three attractive confectionery trends – and how color can help

October 2020

Ingredients & Additives - Colorings

Three attractive confectionery trends – and how color can help

October 2020

From nostalgic favorites to cutting-edge new creations, manufacturers are tapping into the biggest confectionery trends to make their mark. Color is a key factor in determining confectionery success. Achieving the right shade helps sweet treats to stand out on the shelves and even influences enjoyment of the flavor.1 EXBERRY® by GNT has been supporting development of confectionery products with an array of stunning colors for decades. Our experts have identified some of the most important trends within the industry – as well as providing tips on how Coloring Foods can help to deliver consumer appeal.


Far-out flavor experiences

Consumers today love to experiment with new flavors.2 In the US, 31% of consumers say they want to see more chocolate with unique sweet flavors, for example, while 29% want more chocolate with savory tastes.3 As a result, manufacturers are now exploring opportunities for exciting taste combinations. Salted caramel and chili chocolate are among the best established examples; shoppers are now also keen to experiment with further twists such as bitter and smokey tastes.4 Striking colors go hand in hand with new flavor experiences and, with a diverse array of clean-label shades available, EXBERRY® Coloring Foods present the perfect choice.

Functional ingredients in fashion

Healthier treats provide strong appeal to the shoppers of the future, with Generation Z consumers especially keen on functional benefits.4 These benefits have already proved particularly important in the gum and mint categories5, and other confectionery products are now getting in on the trend. From CBD-infused chocolate to candy offering a nootropic boost4, manufacturers are discovering ways to take their products to the next level. EXBERRY® is a plant-based coloring solution that can transform healthier treats’ appearance without compromising on the label.

Golden oldies

From pulled chews to hard-boiled candies, demand for traditional confectionery remains high.5 6 However, while classic treats can bring back fond memories, ingredients such as artificial colors should be left in the past. Coloring Foods can help manufacturers recreate old-fashioned favorites while meeting modern demands for clean ingredient lists.

Lead the market with Coloring Foods

Based on the straightforward principle of coloring food with food, EXBERRY® concentrates are the perfect choice to ensure eye-catching visuals, widespread consumer acceptability and ultimately product success. Made from fruits, vegetables and edible plants without any chemical solvents, they meet the all-important clean-label declaration of coloring ingredients. With a diverse array of shades available, EXBERRY® gives confectionery manufacturers the opportunity to create and deliver stunning, on-trend finished products with vibrant colors throughout the shelf life.

Discover the EXBERRY® advantage

EXBERRY® concentrates are valued across the globe for their ease of use, brilliance, performance and the vertical integration of the supply chain, which ensures full traceability, year-round availability and price stability. Coloring Foods can bring your confectionery to life and inspire your future innovations. Contact your nearest GNT affiliate today to discover the EXBERRY® advantage for yourself.

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