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7 Advantages of a Food Delivery Service for Your Business

Restaurant managers are always looking for ways to ensure a steady stream of revenue—and in the modern landscape, food delivery is an especially promising avenue. In fact, the global food delivery service market reached a $106.1 billion valuation in 2021 and is expected to be worth $223.7 billion by 2027. Whether

IFFA 2022: Provisur Technologies to showcase new products for industrial food processing

Provisur Technologies specializes in innovative technology and integrated production systems for industrial food processing. The company will have a booth at IFFA 2022 following the slogan “Provisur – many legacies, endless possibilities” with solutions and technologies from the company’s long-established brands for separation, pressing, slicing, forming, and thermal treatment. In addition, the process engineering specialist will present complete solutions for industrial meat processing, as well as other products, such as alternative proteins, and a world first in the area of product handling. Provisur will exibit at the IFFA a highly efficient Formax forming system as well as an innovative fully automated solution for manufacturing bacon that integrates the process steps of trimming,

Grader, a good ally for blueberry sorting

Zimbabwe's leader in the fruit and vegetable industry, Nhimbe Fresh Produce, is trying to obtain an agreement to export blueberries to China. The newly developed blueberry planting industry in Zimbabwe has developed under this agreement and made a lot of benefit. In recent years, the Zimbabwean government has been
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cocoa, highly concentrated powder made from chocolate liquor—a paste prepared from cocoa beans, the fruit of the cacao—and used in beverages and as a flavouring ingredient. Cocoa is the key ingredient in chocolate and chocolate confections. The cocoa bean is the seed of the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), a tropical

Harvard team unveils biodegradable, anti-microbial food packaging material

A team of scientists from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Harvard University claims to have developed a ‘smart’ food packaging material that is biodegradable and kills microbes that are harmful to humans – all while extending the shelf-life of fresh fruit by two to three days. The water-proof food packaging is made from a type of corn protein called zein, starch and other naturally derived biopolymers, infused with a cocktail of natural antimicrobial compounds. These include oil from thyme, a common herb used in cooking, and citric acid, which is commonly found in citrus fruits. In lab experiments, when exposed to an increase in humidity or enzymes from harmful bacteria, the fibers in the packaging have reportedly been shown to release the natural antimicrobial compounds,


What is a Smart Conveyor System? Smart conveyor systems can track individual material with an accurate location during material movement and transportation. Smart conveyor systems also allow for transporting materials with different parameters, such as speed and direction. They can also synchronize with external
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What happens at a seafood processing plant?

What is a seafood processing plant? Seafood processing plants, also known as plants or processors, are facilities in which a range of procedures are done to prepare wild-caught and/or farmed seafood for eventual retail and consumption. As seafood is highly perishable, special care is needed to preserve it after harvesting – this is where plants come in. Some facilities have both seafood farms and plants connected, some are onboard fishing vessels, and some plants are standalone. What happens at a seafood processing plant? As there is huge variety in species of seafood consumed worldwide, there is no uniform procedure for processing. However, there is a general flow of product that happens at most processing plants, with the ultimate goal being to preserve the shelf life of the seafood.

Will more meat packing capacity help avoid future disruptions?

Even as some states and the U.S. Department of Agriculture invest millions of dollars into expanding medium and small-scale meat processing, a new economic analysis cautions against seeing this development as insulation against the next “black swan” event, which is how the researchers describe the pandemic. COVID-19
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Digital communication is even more vital to guest experience post-pandemic

Staff shortages – on the rise due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic – is the latest challenge faced by our tourism operations that comes with the return in demand. Hoteliers are struggling to provide their usual services to guests, some even resorting to operate at lower capacity rather than risk a slip in standard. It also spotlights the importance of guest experiences for those in the business of hospitality. As hoteliers navigate these new challenges, technology can be the anchor of helping to ensure travelers feel informed, valued, and safe right from their initial enquiries until after their trip is over. Throughout the guest’s journey from searching right through to after their trip is over, today’s mobile-first travelers are looking for personalized content and communication

Market or Restaurant? Thinking Differently About Hotel F&B

Prior to March of 2020, I would have been very positive about the outlook for a trend that started emerging a few years back – the conversion of restaurants in full-service hotels into marketplaces. Now, I'd say I'm even more so.
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The Russia-Ukraine War has Turned Egypt's Food Crisis into an Existential Threat to the Economy

With the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine war on Feb. 24, 2022, Egypt's food security crisis now poses an existential threat to its economy. The fragile state of Egypt's food security stems from the agricultural sector's inability to produce enough cereal grains, especially wheat, and oilseeds to meet even half of the country's domestic demand. Cairo relies on large volumes of heavily subsidized imports to ensure sufficient as well as affordable supplies of bread and vegetable oil for its 105 million citizens. Securing those supplies has led Egypt to become the world's largest importer of wheat and among the world's top 10 importers of sunflower oil. In 2021, Cairo was already facing down food inflation levels not seen since the Arab Spring civil unrest a decade earlier that toppled the
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Key Technology Introduces High Capacity Veryx B210

Key Technology introduces the highest capacity digital sorter in the food processing industry - the new VERYX B210. With an inspection area over 2 meters wide, the belt-fed VERYX B210 maximizes throughput on high-capacity lines. Like all sorters in the VERYX family, the new B210 features advanced detection technology and an innovative system architecture that improve sorting accuracy. Recognizing objects' color, size, shape and/or structural properties, VERYX sorters remove foreign material (FM) and product defects to improve product quality while virtually eliminating false rejects to increase yields. Featuring a 2100-mm wide inspection zone, VERYX B210 offers a production capacity in excess of 23 metric tons (50,000 lb.) of product per hour, depending on the application. With an

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Numerous factors, such as forecasting accuracy, meaningful synthesis of business data, and increasing awareness about the benefits offered by supply chain analytics, are collectively responsible for driving growth of the market. Supply chain analytics solutions facilitate better strategic decision making, and help
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A new year (and a new decade!) is almost upon us. It wouldn’t be December without sharing my thoughts on the tech trends and developments we can anticipate in 2020. Here are eight important, but not obvious, technology trends just over the horizon.

The Consistency Strategy

Chris Gibson is an author, a franchise veteran and a F&B specialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry. After heading up some well-known brands that have restaurants all over the World, he is now based in the Middle East and is developing some exciting new food concepts with a vision to take these to new

Social Media Predicts Food Trends

New food trends are hard to predict. Food trends are strongly connected to different cultural aspects and are highly influenced by social media. Some big influencers in today’s society are the bloggers who have thousands and millions of followers. Bloggers use their platforms to promote different brands and lifestyles,

Arabian Travel Market 2021 To Run Live Event In Dubai

Reed Travel Exhibitions, organiser of Arabian Travel Market (ATM), has announced that the 2021 edition of its annual showcase, will take place live at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) on Sunday 16 to Wednesday 19 May. Now in its 27th year and working in collaboration with DWTC and Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), the theme of the show next year will be ‘A new dawn for travel and tourism’ and the spotlight will be thrown onto the current state of the industry and more importantly, what the future holds. It will also look at the emerging trends and how innovation can drive the industry forward. Supporting ATM’s theme, a recent Colliers report - MENA Hotel Forecasts, estimates that 2021 will be a year of recovery, based on the assumption that hotel performance

MEAT-TECH: A Fair In Person That Looks At The Future With Confidence

MEAT-TECH is a fair in person that promises to be the great return of the event dedicated to processing and packaging solutions for meat, cold cuts and ready meals industries which will take place at Fiera Milano from May 17th to 20th, 2021. The co-location with TuttoFOOD in May 2021 consolidates the image of a fair
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De Groot: We Focus On The Market Of ‘Healthier Indulgence’

foodHQ conducted an interview with Gea de Groot, Product Group Manager Food Ingredients at FrieslandCampina Kievit. The company is a global manufacturer of beverage and food ingredients, and it is trusted by the world’s best loved brands to provide superior ingredient solutions.

The Five Pillars of Sustainability

Dr. Martin Berlekamp/Max Wolfmaier: Under the guiding principle of “rethink”, Schur Flexibles Group is presenting a sustainability program for greater environmental and climate protection. The recent European Plastics Strategy, developed by the EU Commission, is the result of an assessment of the global challenges

Sealing Technology: The Overlooked Backbone of a Successful Production Line

From product quality to output speed, uptime and design, sealing affects vital aspects of brand image and, ultimately, business success. However, the outcome depends on just how well the sealing technology is suited to the individual product, environment, production parameters and materials. The importance of the