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Kerry Ranked #5 On FAIRR List

Kerry, the Taste & Nutrition company, is pleased to announce that it has been ranked #5 on the FAIRR list of global food companies who are actively promoting and supporting plant-based foods and beverages. Tesco and Unilever were in the top two spots and rated as “pioneers,” while Kerry joined Nestlé (#3) and Marks & Spencer (#4) in the “proactive” section, confirming Kerry’s commitment to continue to expand its successful plant protein portfolio and deliver on customer demands for healthier, more nutritious and sustainable plant protein. The full FAIRR list can be viewed here: “At Kerry, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers through the delivery of more sustainable solutions. We are delighted to be recognised among the industry leaders

Dried Potatoes : Huge Demand for Ready To Eat Food Product among People Helps to Flourish Industry Rapidly

According to newly published report by Transparency Market Research, titled 'Dried potatoes Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2027', the overall revenue generated from the global dried potatoes market is anticipated to be valued at somewhere around US$ 2,484.4 Mn in 2018, which is expected to rise at a CAGR of 3.5% throughout the forecast period (2018-2027). Potatoes is one of the most popular dried vegetables usually popular as flakes and also consumed as snacks. According to FAO data, less than 50% of potatoes are consumed fresh and rest is processed to value-added products and dried potatoes. Dried potatoes have a plethora of applications in the food processing industry and food service industry and retail use. In the global dried potatoes market, North


With a rapidly growing population, adopting sustainable production practices on a global scale is an imperative to safeguard the future of our planet. The food supply chain is certainly one area where there is urgent need for improved sustainability. Without food – this precious resource currently being wasted across
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Food Retail Worldwide Is in the Throes of a Revolution

Food retail is changing…and quickly. More quickly than ever in fact! Structures, organizations, market positioning, offerings, partnerships: no facet of this sector is exempt from the ongoing revolution. "Not only is food retail completely overhauling its models, across the board, but it is also buzzing with innovations, further cementing its position as a global food laboratory," says Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Network Director.


The GNT Group is a family-owned company pioneering in the creation of specialized, future-proof products from only natural ingredients. Frederik Hoeck, Managing Director of the GNT Group, presents success factors vital for producing the most natural high-quality colors.

Chez Charles: A French Cuisine with Selective Out of Border Flavors

foodHQ conducted an interview with Charles Boghos of Chez Charles Restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant takes his passions and inspirations to the next level. The philosophy of the cuisine is simple and in tune with the highest standard of the Michelin dining worldwide. Through the grand reception, guests are invited to
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The Consistency Strategy

Chris Gibson is an author, a franchise veteran and a F&B specialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry. After heading up some well-known brands that have restaurants all over the World, he is now based in the Middle East and is developing some exciting new food concepts with a vision to take these to new markets. Gibson talked to foodHQ about the brand consistency strategy.

Social Media Predicts Food Trends

New food trends are hard to predict. Food trends are strongly connected to different cultural aspects and are highly influenced by social media. Some big influencers in today’s society are the bloggers who have thousands and millions of followers. Bloggers use their platforms to promote different brands and lifestyles,
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Three Disruptive Beverage Trends - And How Color Can Help

Innovation is at the heart of the modern drinks industry, with adventurous consumers seeking out new and exciting beverage experiences.1 To meet these evolving consumer expectations, manufacturers are seeking to ensure they are keeping track of the most important trends and delivering the types of beverages that consumers want. Many of the biggest beverage trends focus on flavor and wellness, but color should not be overlooked. In fact, research shows that products are judged within just 90 seconds – and up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone.2 With EXBERRY® by GNT, our experts have spent decades developing successful color concepts for the drinks sector. We’ve picked out a selection of beverage trends that we expect to last – with tips on how Coloring Foods can help. Sweet

VERON® Hyperbake-ST Flex - Stretch Your Abilities

AB Enzymes is proud to announce the launch of VERON® Hyperbake-ST Flex. VERON® Hyperbake-ST Flex is the novel baking lipase in the Hyperbake family designed to combine highest dough stability and additional baking volume with convenient dosing and flexible formulation. VERON® Hyperbake-ST Flex is the tool for global

German Packaging Award 2020: Krones Wins in the “Sustainability” Category

With the “3 Circles” bottle, all of the individual elements and the entire lifecycle were designed to be sustainable. It is made one-hundred percent out of recycled PET and it itself can be completely recycled again after use. Instead of having a label which is normally unable to be recycled, the bottle was decorated using a digital direct print. The inks used here dissolve in the recycling process without leaving any residues, meaning that the bottle material can be used once again for food packaging in the subsequent lifecycles without loss. A tethered cap was selected as the closure. This cap remains firmly attached to the body of the bottle after opening and thus meets the requirements of EU directive 2019/904. Marketable overall concept from tried and tested technologies The leitmotif

Evaluating CAPEX and OPEX for your next PET packaging line for edible oil?

Today, edible oil is a very competitive market category, essentially driven by product and brand differentiation as well as competitiveness through packaging cost savings, production efficiency and permanent asset optimisation. Sidel, as a leading solution provider, have a strong heritage in edible oil, acting as a

Third Filling Line for Sachets

This month, the contract manufacturer SternMaid commissioned a third sachet line for powdered foods and food supplements that will enable it to respond even more flexibly to customers’ requests and changing market conditions. On this new line, three single-portion sachets can be filled simultaneously. As SternMaid’s
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Cook High Quality French Fries with The Two Stage French Fry Fryer and Oil Filtration Systems

For trouble-free high-capacity production of french fries, batter coated fries and formed potato products, Heat and Control’s French Fry Fryer lets you accurately manage oil conditions for uniform cooking and consistent quality. Our product knowledge and experience provide us with the ability to integrate our French Fry system into our Full French Fry processing lines. Our French Fry Fryers currently in commission around the world can produce up to 25,000 kg per hour of finished product. The French Fry Fryer is a great option as it gives the manufacturer the flexibility to cook French Fries, and Batter Coated French Fries. Manufacturers can also choose between multi-zone and two-stage continuous fryer systems for the most uniform products. In a two-stage, which is commonly used for regular

Reliable representative samples in a very short time!

The Knife Mill PULVERISETTE 11 provides a homogeneous sample in a very short time due to its special design. Each subsample taken from any location in the grinding vessel is representative for the original sample and thus ensures an exact, significant analysis. And that for a wide range of different materials,
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Envirol to Upgrade Food Waste Recycling Plant in Dubai

Envirol, a joint venture initiative between Dubai Municipality and BLUE (a member of Alserkal Group), has revealed its plans to expand and upgrade its current recycling facilities in Dubai. The announcement was made during a ground breaking ceremony for the expansion at the Envirol Recycling Plant in Al Aweer. The expansion work for the recycling plant, which is the MENA region's first grease trap waste treatment plant, is expected to be completed before the end of the year. To date, the current capacity of the Al Aweer plant is around 50,000 gallons of waste per day the completion of the new expansion and upgrade of its equipment and infrastructure will now allow Envirol to handle 100,000 gallons, which is double the amount of fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste generated by commercial

Ramada Ajman Installs New WasteStation

Ramada Hotel & Suites Ajman seeks to boost its current food waste management scheme through the installation of a new WasteStation machine. Developed and distributed by the UK-based Imperial Machine Company (IMC), the WasteStation is an innovative food waste macerator and dewatering unit. In addition to the hotel's

Coffee-Drinking Traditions Incubate Sustainable Growth for Coffee shops in MENA

Coffee shops and caf�s are big business in the Middle East, combining to form a USD4 billion market in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, according to Euromonitor International. Deeply-ingrained coffee-drinking traditions have collided with investment from international brands and a growing desire among young consumers
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A New Mini-Recorder of Temperature and Relative Humidity

The mini recorder mod. FT-90 / USB is a device with notable memory of recording and is particularly suitable in applications in the food (HACCP) Industry, Pasteurization, Pharmaceutical, Transports refrigerators, Agriculture, Ecology, Laboratories of search and metrology, Museums, etc. This logger has some interesting and innovative technical characteristics, particularly, the possibility to program it with a sampling trigger. The recorder FT-90 / USB has an only number of register and not erasable inserted in the microprocessor. It has the possibility to record and memorize 245.000 readings. The memorization of the data can be selected as circular (the oldest data come writings above) type or memory stop saturates. In this last case other readings and the system he is not saved the system

ODG Concludes the Sale of Their Point of Sale Material

ODG, the award-winning retail and branding design consultancy headquartered in Dubai, announces the sale of its Hong Kong and Singapore based Point of Sale Material, Visual Merchandising and Packaging entities. This sale allows ODG to focus upon its core retail specializations of Branding, Design and Architecture. ODG
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Industrial Automation can be defined as the use of computer aided control devices to operate different industrial processes by replacing human involvement. Industrial automation helps to operate multiple processes in controlled manner. It helps for mass production by reducing time and increasing production quality. Industrial Automation consists of different levels such as sensor level, automation control level automation, supervision level and enterprise level.

The 2020 Edition of SIAL Paris, Initially Slated for This Autumn Is to Be Rescheduled To 15 To 19 October 2022

To enable such an international event to take place during this pandemic-hit period, SIAL Paris had planned a wide range of initiatives. However, following consultations with exhibitors and visitors, and in view of an uncertain international public health environment, the results of the survey have shifted substantially in recent days, eventually leading to a majority wishing to see the event put off. Nicolas Trentesaux, CEO of SIAL Global Network explains that: “SIAL Paris wishes to remain true to its mission with the firm intention of keeping in touch with its market and supporting the recovery and transformation of food industry market players all over the world”. To guarantee food professionals an experience that lives up to their expectations, SIAL Paris is therefore postponed to

Recognising the best in the industry

Amsterdam / The Netherlands, Once again this year, during Fi Europe co-located with Hi Europe at the beginning of December, show organizer Informa Markets will be recognizing companies and organizations for groundbreaking novelties in the Fi Europe Innovation Awards. These awards are regarded as the most prestigious in