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Plant & Bean to Open Europe’s Largest Production Facility in the UK

Plant & Bean, a developer and manufacturer of high-quality, plant-based food products, has announced that it is set to open Europe’s largest plant-based meat production facility in the UK. The new factory will enable efficient product manufacture and distribution across Europe, helping brands to meet fast-growing demand for plant-based meat. Among Plant & Bean customers, large-scale production is acknowledged as essential to removing the cost barrier that currently prevents mainstream consumers from buying plant-based meat products. By producing at scale, locally, these brands can also significantly shorten supply chains, resulting in significant cost-savings. Located in Boston, Lincolnshire, the 65 acre / 263,000 m2 site, will have a planned initial capacity of 55,000 tonnes, and will

Infor Helps Manufacturers in the Middle East Prepare for Industry 4.0

With the Middle East’s manufacturing sector roiled by demographic shifts, changing customer profiles, and the proliferation of digital devices and apps, Infor will shine a light on how manufacturers in the region can embrace digital transformation and prosper amid the 4th Industrial Revolution. Speaking at Industry 4.0

Dried Potatoes : Huge Demand for Ready To Eat Food Product among People Helps to Flourish Industry Rapidly

According to newly published report by Transparency Market Research, titled 'Dried potatoes Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2018-2027', the overall revenue generated from the global dried potatoes market is anticipated to be valued at somewhere around US$ 2,484.4 Mn in 2018, which is expected to rise at a CAGR of 3.5% throughout the forecast period (2018-2027). Potatoes is one of the most popular dried vegetables usually popular as flakes and also consumed as snacks. According to FAO data, less than 50% of potatoes are consumed fresh and rest is processed to value-added products and dried potatoes. Dried potatoes have a plethora of applications in the food processing industry and food service industry and retail use. In the global dried potatoes market, North


With a rapidly growing population, adopting sustainable production practices on a global scale is an imperative to safeguard the future of our planet. The food supply chain is certainly one area where there is urgent need for improved sustainability. Without food – this precious resource currently being wasted across

How Plant-Based Food Will Reshape The Market In 2019

It won’t be long until the turn of the year, and once again this will bring typical New Year’s resolutions such as “healthier nutrition” with it. This time though, it seems like 2019 might be the year for consumers to really stick with their food-related resolutions: in the food and beverage market, all signs are
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Sealing Technology: The Overlooked Backbone of a Successful Production Line

From product quality to output speed, uptime and design, sealing affects vital aspects of brand image and, ultimately, business success. However, the outcome depends on just how well the sealing technology is suited to the individual product, environment, production parameters and materials. The importance of the sealing process as part of the overall production process is generally rather underestimated. foodHQ Magazine spoke with Norbert Höchst, expert for packaging materials at Bosch Packaging Technology, to gain an expert view on just what it is that makes sealing so crucial and how manufacturers can ensure they get the best solution for their product.

Food Retail Worldwide Is in the Throes of a Revolution

Food retail is changing…and quickly. More quickly than ever in fact! Structures, organizations, market positioning, offerings, partnerships: no facet of this sector is exempt from the ongoing revolution. "Not only is food retail completely overhauling its models, across the board, but it is also buzzing with
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The Consistency Strategy

Chris Gibson is an author, a franchise veteran and a F&B specialist with over 25 years of experience in the industry. After heading up some well-known brands that have restaurants all over the World, he is now based in the Middle East and is developing some exciting new food concepts with a vision to take these to new markets. Gibson talked to foodHQ about the brand consistency strategy.

Social Media Predicts Food Trends

New food trends are hard to predict. Food trends are strongly connected to different cultural aspects and are highly influenced by social media. Some big influencers in today’s society are the bloggers who have thousands and millions of followers. Bloggers use their platforms to promote different brands and lifestyles,
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Ingredion Introduces Cold Swelling Starches for Indulgent Instant Bakery Fillings

Ingredion EMEA has added three new cold swelling modified potato starches to its highly functional starch portfolio. Helping to meet rising demand for sweet baked goods, the SWELY™ GEL starch range provides manufacturers with a cost effective, texturizing solution for instant bakery cream fillings and custard creams. Bakery manufacturers can choose from three different cold swelling modified potato starches, with differing grades depending on their processing and functionality requirements. Each potato starch is purposefully designed to provide high firmness, process and freeze-thaw stability, to deliver the perfect thick creamy mouthfeel in every bite. Derived from sustainably farmed ingredients, the potato base gives a neutral flavour and colour profile to the three SWELY™ GEL starches

Toolkit System Provides Optimum Protection From Undesired Microorganisms

Freshness is one of the most important quality criteria in meat products. Growth of bacteria such as Listeria or Campylobacter in products can have devastating financial consequences for meat producers. With the Hydrolon range, Hydrosol provides a modular toolkit of highly effective preservatives, ranging from acetate

A New Krones PET Bottling Line Replaces Two Existing Ones at The Ogeu Group’s Site

A new Krones PET bottling line replaces two existing ones at the Ogeu Group’s site in Quézac, with a customised block solution provided for the cold-glue labelling specified by the client. Ogeu’s history began almost 200 years ago in the heart of the Pyrenees. In 1820, a spa resort centre was set up around the spring in the eponymous town of Ogeu-les-Bains, followed later on by a bottling plant. The group itself was then formed after the Second World War, and has been family-owned ever since. Today, CEO Jean-Hervé Chassaigne and his sister Pascale Lapassade are carrying on the family tradition in the third generation. Ogeu’s market strength is a result of water brands from different regions – a segment in which the group nowadays is the market leader in France. “In view of the fierce

Key Technology Introduces Zephyr™ Next-Generation Horizontal-Motion Conveyor

Key Technology, a member of the Duravant family of operating companies, introduces Zephyr™, the next-generation horizontal-motion conveyor. Featuring a patented direct drive with a counterbalance system, Zephyr’s unique motion profile gently moves product with no segregation or stratification and at higher capacities
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DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences Receives First Prize from the China Dairy Industry Association for YO-MIX® PRIME Yogurt Cultures

DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences (DuPont) today announced it has been awarded the first prize “Technology Progress Award” at the 26th Annual Conference of the China Dairy Industry Association (CDIA). The CDIA carries out a series of award activities among dairy, machinery and ingredients enterprises during the CDIA annual conference every year, to encourage and ensure the sustainable development of science and innovation in the dairy industry. The CDIA Science and Technology Awards has two categories, the "Technology Invention Award" and "Technology Progress Award". DuPont’s project titled “YO-MIX® PRIME yogurt cultures with ultimate post-acidification control: Research, development and promotion to dairy companies” was entered in the “Technology Progress Award” category. The YO-MIX® PRIME

IMA DAIRY & FOOD Founds Sales and Service Company for The Asia Pacific Region

In future, the global packaging machine manufacturer IMA DAIRY & FOOD with its well-known brands Erca, Gasti, Hamba and Hassia will be more present on the Asian Pacific market. An own sales and service company has been founded in early September and Wilfrid Marie has been appointed as Managing Director & CEO effective
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High Luxury but Low Touch: Changing Priorities for Hospitality Industry in a Post-COVID-19 World

The hospitality industry is no stranger to turbulent times and global crises. As one of the world’s oldest business models, the industry has been through World Wars, epidemics, Gulf tensions, recessions and now the COVID-19 pandemic. While the whole world is talking about the unprecedented nature of this crisis and how there is a need for a new normal in the hospitality industry, we at Frost & Sullivan are taking a step back and analyzing the situation to look at the bigger picture. Yes, things are bleak at the moment. The global hospitality market has hit rock bottom, and the once-growing beacon of hope, the GCC hospitality market, has seemingly lost its brightness. In the pre-COVID period, the growth in the tourism and travel sector in the Gulf region was about 10% during the past five

Envirol to Upgrade Food Waste Recycling Plant in Dubai

Envirol, a joint venture initiative between Dubai Municipality and BLUE (a member of Alserkal Group), has revealed its plans to expand and upgrade its current recycling facilities in Dubai. The announcement was made during a ground breaking ceremony for the expansion at the Envirol Recycling Plant in Al Aweer. The
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2020: The Pandemic and Slow Onset of Recovery of GCC Food & Beverage Market

The COVID-19 pandemic emerged at a time of great promise, poise and possibilities for the GCC food & beverage market and disrupted the entire story to give rise to volatility, uncertainty, confusion and ambiguity (VUCA). Let us acknowledge that the GCC economy is still dominated by oil revenues, and it is climatically challenged. Its average reliance on imports for its food & beverage needs is more than 80%. Further, there exists a complex consumer base within the GCC. The expatriate population of diverse nationalities comprise over half of the resident population, and they have diverse food & beverage preferences. While the average age of the population point towards a region powered by the youth, however, the overall health of the population is under strain from lifestyle disorders such

Chile To Crack the UAE’s Walnut Market Following COVID-19

Chile is doubling its efforts to become the UAE's exporter of choice regarding dried fruits, particularly walnuts, with the launch of a new campaign to showcase the superior quality and ultimate health benefits the nut offers. The popularity of Chilean walnuts has surged in recent years, with the country the leading
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Industrial Automation can be defined as the use of computer aided control devices to operate different industrial processes by replacing human involvement. Industrial automation helps to operate multiple processes in controlled manner. It helps for mass production by reducing time and increasing production quality. Industrial Automation consists of different levels such as sensor level, automation control level automation, supervision level and enterprise level.

Macfrut looks to the future

Macfrut looks to the future with optimism. In order to meet the expectations of its target audience, the international trade fair for the fruit and vegetable sector is set to take place in May 2021 as a major face-to-face event, hoping that the Covid-19 emergency will be over by then: the 37th edition of Macfrut is scheduled to be held from 4 to 6 May 2021 at the Rimini Expo Centre. Melon will be the event’s key product, symbolising the quality of Italian fruits and vegetables, and will be discussed and promoted during a series of events involving buyers and visitors. The Partner Region will be Sardinia, a region where the fruit and vegetable sector significantly increases the total value of domestic agricultural production (23%). Alongside these novelties, the new exhibition project, the

Fi Europe CONNECT 2020 - Connecting the Fi Europe & Hi Europe Community Online

Over recent weeks and months, the Fi Europe team has been in discussions with key industry stakeholders and partners to stay abreast of the challenges facing the F&B industry due to COVID-19. While the event was set to take place this December with Informa’s AllSecure guidelines incorporating the highest standards of


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