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2022 E-commerce Packaging Trends by Packaging Experts

March 2022

Packaging - Packaging Equipment

2022 E-commerce Packaging Trends by Packaging Experts

March 2022

E-commerce packaging continues to evolve at a rapid pace, as e-commerce itself continues to grow.  The pandemic has restructured how all industries deliver products to their customers. It’s vital to your business operations that the systems you put in place are driven by consumer expectations and demands.

The market is growing at a significant rate owing to the consumer demand for online shopping, increasing requirement from packaged and frozen food industry, and the growing demand of plastic packaging from electronics and cosmetics industry. Packaging solutions are used in a variety of industries, including food and beverage, cosmetics, and healthcare owing to its sturdy nature and attractive visual appeal. The packaging sector is constantly and persistently generating more sustainable solutions for its products, thanks to an increasing diversity of reusable options. Owing to its various benefits such as long shelf life and durability, packaging has gained favor in a range of industries. The market for packaging solutions is rapidly increasing owing to the lack of availability of cost-effective solutions.

Sustainability and Environmental Awareness

The importance of sustainable packaging has steadily become a key consideration for consumers and brands. Sustainable packaging solutions include sourcing more environmentally responsible packaging as well as reducing the amount of packaging material used.

Whether it is bags or corrugated cartons, recyclable light-weight plastic containers or plant-based omni-degradable materials, challenge your packaging partner to explore various alternatives. A Rite-Gauging assessment can significantly reduce your packaging material. Choose what works best to safely deliver your product to its destination with the least amount of packaging.

Protective Value of Packaging

Protective packaging was the main factor influencing packaging material selection for e-commerce, according to the Packaging World survey. Furthermore, damaged product remains the top pain point for brand owners involved in e-commerce, as reported by 57% of respondents. To reduce product damages, 71% of respondents are looking to make changes to their secondary packaging for the e-commerce channel. Are you? PACKPRO packaging experts can assist.

Operational Efficiency and Automation

Operational and warehouse efficiency is the #1 focal point for many e-commerce businesses. It is closely followed by automation and new product and package development. Ecommerce fulfillment automation delivers multiple benefits to your business. Firstly, it improves the consistency and efficiency of your packaging operations. Secondly, it increases the throughput and enables you to handle increasing volumes of the packages you need to ship. Plus, it helps reduce materials in use and improve employee safety.

Corrugated Boxing

PackagingInsights Experts believe e-commerce packaging for 2022 will see the rising demand for corrugated boards. This trend follows as consumers and retailers push for fully recyclable boxes and ‘fit-to-product’ packaging. This inclination in the market will enable brands to meet growing consumer calls that reduce costs, waste and ‘packing air’ of irregularly shaped items. Discover case formers and sealers to automate your boxing needs.

Convenient Packaging

The unboxing experience is a crucial step for your product’s protection and consumer brand experience. According to Innova Packaging Survey, 1 in 2 Global consumers say that convenient packaging (easy to use, easy opening, resealable, easy to pour, re-closable) influences their purchase decision. Get your current production line and materials assessed by an expert to maximize packaging convenience

Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging

Amazon implemented Frustration-Free Packaging in 2008, which is an incentive program that encourages vendors to cut down on waste and make packages easier to open. In 2021 they announced their expansion of this program to further incentivize vendors and appease customers. Amazon is the largest and most valuable e-retailer worldwide and thus sets the precedence for other e-commerce distributors. Whether your business is incentivized to or not, the market landscape is evolving and consumers will expect these changes in their online shopping experience.

In summary

E-commerce packaging trends continue to change as e-commerce fulfillment continues to evolve. Increased automation, especially robotics, is reported to be the most significant change in the coming years. Pressure from consumers for more environmental packaging options as well as more ways to communicate with the brands will continue to drive packaging innovation. Whether you require e-commerce packaging equipment or materials, PACKPRO’s complimentary packaging assessment can help you get a clear picture of how you stack up against your competition.

Over the years, major market players have focused on different types of packaging products owing to its rising demand in e-commerce. The launch of new market companies, adequate funding, and government-aided policies help in the innovation of packaging materials.